iFixit: rice does not help dry the recessed smartphone (4 photos)

Experts from the famous repair shop iFixitexposed the effectiveness of getting rid of the fluid in the smartphone using rice. Of course, there are no contraindications for drying the gadget in rice. But with the same success you can use millet, buckwheat or any other cereal. The effect will be similar.

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As experts emphasize, upon hitElectronic device in the water, its corrosion is almost instantaneous. Sometimes, but not always, moisture strikes important parts. It is enough just not to turn on the gadget until it is completely dry, and there are chances for its further performance.

Apple iPhone motherboard that “dried” in rice
Putting the same smartphone to dry in rice, we believewhat exactly croup saves him. But, as experts have established, this is not true. Even with a successful launch of the smartphone, the solder joints will remain oxidized, and thus weakened and fragile. And if he earns, the owner is just lucky.

For proper drying, you must first turn offdevice and remove all the liquid with a toothbrush and alcohol. You need to open the gadget as quickly as possible, then remove the battery from it and start cleaning. It’s better to immerse the whole motherboard for a second in alcohol. Only then can be dried. Otherwise, during drying, the contacts will still oxidize. True, this technique works only with gadgets with a removable battery.

If the device received a non-separable case,It should be as soon as possible to remove the gadget from the water, turn it off to eliminate the short circuit, and dry with dry wipes. Experts do not recommend using a hair dryer or other heating devices. Sim card and additional memory card is better to remove from the smartphone and dry separately. It is desirable for the device itself to be in a horizontal position on a dry surface for 48 hours. Do not press the buttons and keys in this period. It is safe to turn on the power and / or charge the mobile device only after two days. If the device does not turn on or works incorrectly, you will have to take it to a repair shop or a service center. The specialist will clean the internal parts, it may still need replacing some of them. This repair is not guaranteed and always paid.