iFixit rated the maintainability of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e (15 pics + video)

Experts from the service workshop iFixit studiedSamsung's new flagships: disassembled them into details and estimated maintainability. At the same time, they opened not only the Galaxy S10 + and S10, but also their younger version - S10e.

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Difficulties with novelties arise fromopening the case. The body of the device has to be heated with a special heating pad, and only after this manipulation does it open. But when compared with the previous generation, the fingerprint scanner cable does not interfere with removing the back cover.

The back panel is made of glass, sodamage it when repairing is also easy. At the same time, many of the components of the flagships are modular and easier to replace. However, the charging port is soldered to the motherboard.

To unscrew all the screws, a regular Philips screwdriver is enough, and this, from the point of view of iFixit experts, is good. It's bad that there is a lot of glue, and replacing batteries is quite difficult.

Both senior flagships got 3 out of 10points for maintainability. That is, it will be very difficult to repair them. Two past generations of Samsung’s flagships received 4 out of 10 points. Competing with our heroes, the iPhone Xs Max and Xs have as many as 6 points.