IFixit experts praised the maintainability of Xiaomi Mi 11 (7 photos)

Flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11, at creationwhich uses new technologies, after a successful start of sales in China in December 2020, has appeared on the global market. The new Xiaomi flagship is the first smartphone in the world to use the Snapdragon 888 processor.

The experts of the iFixit resource performed the traditional disassembly of the device in order to assess the build quality of the smartphone and its maintainability.
Despite the positive aspects,iFixit gave the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 a mediocre maintainability score: 4 out of 10 points. On the positive side, it was noted that only one standard Phillips screwdriver was required during disassembly of the smartphone, which greatly simplifies the work.

More iFixit experts did not mark positivefactors when disassembling a smartphone. They attributed even a quick dismantling of the back panel to negative points, while noting the low strength of the glue, which is explained by the lack of IP-certified protection against dust and splashes in the Mi 11.

The representatives of iFixit did not like the modularthe interconnected design of many components that will have to be replaced at the same time if only one of them breaks. A cumbersome screen and battery replacement procedure is noted, although each component can be replaced separately.

However, most of all the specialists did not likecurved glass case of Mi 11, which is easily damaged when dropped, and special tools are required to dismantle the curved glass, otherwise it may burst.

Another clearly negative point that influencedthe low maintainability rating of Xiaomi Mi 11 is a replacement for the fingerprint sensor built into the screen. The procedure itself is associated with the complete dismantling of the screen, during which it can be damaged.

Source: ifixit