IFixit experts evaluated the maintainability of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and 108 megapixel camera (4 photos + video)

Every new high-tech gadget callsthe great interest of numerous researchers and experts seeking to find out the positive and negative qualities of the devices. This is especially true for top-end smartphones from leading manufacturers. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has undergone yet another test, traditional for mobile devices, for maintainability and the study of internal design and configuration.

Detailed disassembling that has already become traditionalGalaxy S20 Ultra smartphone was carried out by iFixit specialists, who paid special attention to the unique 108 megapixel camera equipped with Space Zoom periscope. To illustrate the geometric parameters of the new cameras of the top-end smartphone, experts took a photo on which Galaxy S20 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy Note10 + smartphone camera blocks are captured in one frame.

The increase in camera block size is caused by largethe size of the main sensor is 108 megapixels, which is twice as large as the main sensor of the iPhone 11 Pro. During the disassembly, enthusiasts familiarized themselves with the Space Zoom periscope system and made sure that the camera is equipped with a 4x optical zoom, and high-quality shooting was achieved using an individual optical image stabilization system. At the same time, the hybrid zoom made it possible to achieve 100x magnification of the 100X Space Zoom. Despite the high technological saturation, all components are located in a slightly thickened block of smartphone cameras.

Samsung engineers reached high densityplacing in a traditionally small internal space of a smartphone, a huge number of high-tech parts and a high-capacity battery (5000 mAh). However, such technical tricks forced the developers to sacrifice the maintainability of the device. As a result, iFixit specialists after completely disassembling the Galaxy S20 Ultra could not assign the smartphone more than three points on a ten-point maintainability scale.

Experts note that repairs will be requiredperform many laborious and filigree operations. First of all, to penetrate the inner world of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you will have to carefully remove the fragile glass back panel. The smartphone’s battery is firmly glued and can only be removed as a result of long and delicate work, complicated by the presence of a large number of connecting wires and cables. But to change the damaged screen, you have to completely disassemble the entire smartphone.

Source: ifixit