iFixit dismantled the iPhone 14 without a SIM card and found a place for a SIM card (2 photos + video)

iFixit is known for its “teardowns”Gadgets in order to study their structure and determine the maintainability index, this time I disassembled the iPhone 14, which is interesting in that it does not contain a SIM card tray. However, during the experiment, interesting features were revealed.

All four iPhone 14 models sold in the US no longer have a physical SIM tray and rely entirely on e-SIMs.

Disassembly showed that Apple does not usethe internal space freed up after the tray was removed for any other components or additional functions, and instead filled the resulting void with a square piece of plastic. Outside the US, all iPhone 14 models continue to feature a SIM tray in this space.

Now one can only guess what the abolition of physical SIM cards for American users was for.