If your password is hacked, the Chrome browser will give a signal (3 photos)

Google has created a Chrome browser extension.verifies the reliability of the password that is entered. For this, the developer uses a database of four billion hacked accounts. Password Checkup will be activated only when you try to enter a login with a password on any site. The application will match this pair with the base of the hacked accounts, then making a conclusion about the strength of the password.

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Having found the presence in the database of leaks enteredcombinations, the extension will display a red window with a warning and a recommendation to change the password. As Google assured, their passwords are checked anonymously, and the process as a whole goes through encryption.

The company noted that people tend touse the same simple password on multiple sites. And thus increase the risk of hacking. In the “darknet”, databases are distributed that make it easier for attackers to find a suitable password by selecting them. So, people should more often think about the security of their own personal data. For now, Password Checkup is available in the Chrome app store. Browser standard this extension most likely will not.