If you don’t go in for sports, your heart will become like a monkey

Millions of years ago, our distant ancestors couldwalk thousands of kilometers in search of food. It is because of this that we all now have pretty good stamina compared to monkeys - at least we can go to the store and drag a couple of heavy packages to the elevator. And the thing is that monkeys have a round heart with thick walls, which cannot provide good enough blood circulation for oxygen delivery to all organs. At the same time, our extended heart has a more complex structure and provides us with everything necessary to increase our stamina. However, in the absence of physical exertion, all endurance can be lost, and our heart will become like a monkey.

Monkeys, though not more enduring, but stronger than humans

This is evidenced by the results of the study,conducted by an international team of scientists with the participation of cardiovascular physiologist Robert Sheiva. They decided to identify the difference between the hearts of gorillas, chimpanzees, and four categories of people, including long-distance runners, American football players, farmers, and ordinary people with an inactive lifestyle.

Human and gorilla heart shape

If you saw monkeys at the zoo ordocumentaries, you may have noticed that they move little. At the same time, they are capable of sharp and powerful movements - you know how cleverly a chimpanzee can jump onto a tree, and a gorilla can hit its enemy? Such sharp bursts of activity exert a high load on the cardiovascular system of monkeys, so their hearts have a round shape and thick walls.

There is no doubt that gorillas are much stronger than humans

At the same time, the human heart is very elongatedand with each stroke it slightly twists - as you can see, we have plenty of differences from monkeys. The elongated shape of our heart is explained by the enlarged left ventricle, which pumps oxygenated blood through our body with increased force. Twisting with each contraction, by the way, also contributes to intense blood flow and all this for the sake of our endurance.

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Why do sports?

However, comparing the shape of monkey hearts withhuman, scientists have made an interesting conclusion. As you remember, in addition to the hearts of runners, they studied the heart shape of sedentary people. So, the hearts of people, often lying on the couch, turned out to be almost as round and with thick walls as the monkeys. Researchers concluded that in the absence of sport and physical activity, the human heart begins to lose its natural, evolutionary form, and becomes like a monkey.

But really - why do you need an extended heart to lie on the couch?

Yes, exercise is important for the heart, butif you want to keep its “human” form - do not engage in American football. As a rule, football players with special zeal train explosive force, which is just developed in primates. It is this ability of the body to exert the greatest effort in the least time and gives the heart a round shape like in monkeys. Therefore, the fact that primates, sedentary people and American football players have almost the same heart shape is not surprising.

Only football players can compete with gorillas

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