Identified vulnerability in NVIDIA drivers that could crack a computer

Cyber ​​security experts continuouslyinvestigate possible security problems that allow hackers to take control of ordinary users' computers. One of these problems has become a vulnerability in the software for NVIDIA graphics cards, which is currently already fixed by the company, by issuing a security update.

This error was present in the application fortimely updates of the drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce Experience video card and automatic optimization of the game settings of the computer. The identified problem allowed hackers to take complete control of the computer’s operating system.

Specialists assigned a code name to the vulnerabilityCVE-2019-5702 and rated the danger at 8.4 points on a ten-point scale. It is noteworthy that the problem was present in all versions of the application released in recent years. To eliminate the vulnerability, you should install GeForce Experience version 3.20.2 from the security section of the official NVIDIA website.

Source: nvidia