IBM Launches DDR Alternative

Computer hardware developers are devotingParticular attention is paid to expanding the memory capacity of devices and ensuring optimal data transfer rates. IBM, a recognized leader among computer hardware developers at the next Hot Chips conference in California, demonstrated the new Open Memory Interface (OMI), which is a direct alternative to DDR memory. The main advantages of the new memory format are increased bandwidth and increased memory capacity.

In OMI, developers removed the memory controller fromhost and placed it on the DIMM card. Thus, the design of the processor is simplified and its heating is reduced. Transferring the controller to an individual board will provide the ability to transmit data at a speed of 320 GB / s on a server with 4 TB of memory, and with 512 GB of memory, the speed increases to 650 GB / s.

However, the design solution with the removal of memory onan individual board has negative consequences, including a delay of at least 4 nanoseconds and losses of about 4 watts of electricity. However, removing PHY DDR from the host compensates for some of the negative effects by reducing heat.

OMI interface with graphic memoryDRAM can compete with the more expensive and more power-consuming HBM memory. IBM suggests that the new memory will be used in Power 9 processors, which are scheduled for presentation in 2020. Converters will be used in IBM Power 10 processors to transmit data at speeds from 32 to 50 Gb / s.

Source: eetimes