IBM Introduces World's First 2nm Chip Technology (3 Photos + Video)

About a significant breakthrough in the field of creationmicrocircuits were reported by IBM, which developed a 2nm chip manufacturing technology that provided significant performance gains while reducing power consumption.

Modern development of cloud technologies,the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things requires the introduction of increasingly energy efficient and efficient processors. 2nm technology developed by IBM engineers will help meet this demand. According to the company, the new 2nm processors will be 45% more efficient or 75% more energy efficient than chips based on 7nm process technology.

Among the possible benefits of implementingthe innovative 2 nm technical process, IBM developers note a sharp increase in the battery life of mobile technology, which will allow smartphones to be recharged once every 4 days. Data centers, which account for 1% of the world's carbon footprint, will drastically reduce the generation of environmentally harmful substances. There will also be more functional and compact laptop computers. The efficiency of object detection will increase and the response in computer systems used in autopilots installed in autonomous vehicles will speed up.

According to IBM developers, the use ofThe 2 nm process technology will allow up to 50 billion transistors to be placed on an area the size of a human fingernail. To date, the terms of commercial introduction of the created technology have not been announced.