IBM came up with "Moore's law" for quantum computers

IBM offered to use a measure"Quantum volume", which should double every year - and it will be equivalent to Moore's law, which is observed in traditional computer calculations. According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors on a chip, and hence the density of computations, should double approximately every two years. Until now, it has worked, but on the approach new quantum computers have their own rules.

Moore's law for quantum computers

Quantum machines rely on quantum bits,or qubits, in data manipulation. But simply adding qubits might not improve the performance of the machine. Because their fragile quantum state can be broken by even the slightest fluctuations or temperature changes — this phenomenon is known as “noise.” As a result, there will be errors in the calculations.

IBM has proposed quantum volume as a suitable natural measure of progress. He still counts qubits, but also includes the error rate and quality of communication between qubits.

At a meeting of the American Physical SocietyThis week, IBM will present results showing that the quantum volume of its machines doubled 4 in 2017 to 8 in 2018. The company says it recently introduced the Q System One with a capacity of 16.

Currently this metric is developing likeMoore's law for traditional calculations. According to this law, the number of transistors on a silicon microchip doubles about every two years, but there are signs that this pace is slowing down.

IBM is a leader in quantum computing andfirst made their machines available through the cloud computing for use by others. However, the company faces stiff competition from Rigetti Computing and Intel.

Developing a better way to compare these quantumComputers are very important, but each company will promote the criteria and measures that support its own hardware and software. Therefore, Moore’s new quantum law will imply that the PR volume of quantum machines will double each year ...

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