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I was ill with COVID-19, but I still got the Sputnik V vaccination. I tell you what and how

As you probably know, since December in Russiavaccination against COVID-19, or a new coronavirus infection is being carried out. The start of the campaign to vaccinate the population took place somehow crumpled, because many perceived the vaccination as an element of propaganda, and therefore were frightened. This is logical, given that it was registered even before the completion of the third stage of testing. But as the vaccine spread throughout the cities, more and more people wishing to be vaccinated. I, too, took a root, and now I am sharing my impressions.

The vaccine must be stored in special refrigerators with a temperature of -18C

My case can be considered unique in many ways.The fact is that I have had COVID-19. And there are not very many of those who have been ill and decided to vaccinate (I do not know such people at all). I was prompted to do this by the absence of antibodies, which have already disappeared, since I became infected at the very beginning of 2020, when the infection just reached Russia and was also called nCoV-2019.


  • 1 How to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccination
  • 2 Is it possible to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for those who have been ill?
  • 3 What vaccine against COVID-19 is vaccinated in Russia
  • 4 How the Sputnik V vaccine is stored
  • 5 How to get vaccinated against COVID-19

How to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccination

I signed up for vaccination through State Services for thislink. True, in the polyclinic to which I was assigned at the place of residence, the vaccination room for some reason was not open, and I tried to enroll in the neighboring one. Everything worked out, the State Services automatically pulled up my data and sent the questionnaire to the clinic, and a few hours later they called me from the registry and confirmed the appointment for January 25, allowing me to shift the visit time to a more convenient one.

You can sign up for a vaccination in just a couple of clicks

Despite the fact that anyone can sign up for vaccination, in fact, not everyone is allowed to it. Primary requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years old;
  • You don't have to suffer from autoimmune diseases;
  • You must not have symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu;
  • You don't have to suffer from allergic reactions;
  • You should not suffer from individual intolerance to the components of the vaccine.

All these points should be checked by the therapist to whom you are previously sent.

Is it possible to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for those who have been ill?

To identify a withdrawal from vaccination before administrationthe drug of all who enrolled is compulsorily driven through a therapist. According to the results of the check, it seems that 3 people were weeded out in my presence. At some point, I thought that they would not let me in either, because when I told the doctor that I was already sick with COVID-19, she was sincerely surprised why I came at all.

My answer was prepared in advance.Firstly, I replied, according to the results of the test, antibodies were not found in me, secondly, the disease was almost a year ago, and, thirdly, I first consulted the Ministry of Health and received the go-ahead for vaccination.

But my words did not convince the therapist, and she causedthe head of the department so that she makes a decision. The manager, however, was determined and, having learned that I had been ill with COVID-19 more than six months ago, she boldly sent me for vaccination.

Here the dose is for 5 people, so vaccination is done immediately to a group of people

Ironically, in the memo that I was givenstates that the past COVID-19 disease is a contraindication for vaccination. But, I think, the whole point is that the memo was drawn up by our doctors who have been dealing with a new coronavirus infection relatively recently, and still do not know what to do with those who had been ill six months or a year ago. After all, we most likely have no antibodies.

What vaccine against COVID-19 is vaccinated in Russia

At this stage, almost everyone is vaccinated with the vaccineSputnik V, developed by the Gamaleya Center. Vaccination takes place in two stages with an interval of 21 days. Therefore, I had logical, as it seemed to me, questions:

  • What happens if you get sick with coronavirus after the first vaccine is administered, but before the second?
  • What will happen if the second vaccine is not delivered as part of the second vaccination phase?

The therapist did not have an answer to the first question.She said at length that there were no such cases so far, and she repeated this - obviously prepared in advance - every time I tried to hear something more specific. Honestly, it is unpleasant when doctors do not know the answer to such a question.

Besides Sputnik V, Russia has another vaccine - "EpiVacCorona"... You can read more about it in our material.

However, the answer to the second question was quitespecific. It turns out that if the second vaccine is not supplied, then the antibodies will be produced in insufficient quantities, and then the whole procedure will have to be repeated again. True, it is not very clear how long it will take to do this again.

How is Sputnik V vaccine stored?

Sputnik V vaccine is stored frozenat a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. Each ampoule contains a dose for 5 people. Therefore, they begin to defrost it only when a group is recruited. This process lasts about half an hour, and the staff of the polyclinic is very worried about the damage to the vaccine. Therefore, in my presence, a nurse ran into the therapist's office and demanded to take patients faster, because the ampoule was already thawed.

Do you know why the vaccine is called "Sputnik V"?

How to get vaccinated against COVID-19

The vaccination process itself is completely normal andunremarkable. The forearm is lubricated with alcohol, the vaccine is drawn into a disposable syringe, and then injected. After injecting the drug, we were asked to sit for 20-30 minutes. During this time, they approached me 2 times and checked about their health. Apparently, the doctors themselves do not understand very well what could happen, but in my presence one man was asked to enter the therapist's office because of a suspicious reddening of his hand. What happened to him in fact, I do not know.

The vaccine itself does not hurt. No unpleasant sensations arise either.

I would say I have not experienced anything out of the ordinaryafter the introduction of the vaccine, but while I was waiting for the prescribed half hour, at some point I experienced a sharp rush of heat. My temperature did not rise, it just became very hot for a moment, as it happens when you are afraid of something. But I don't think it has to do with the vaccine. Most likely, it was a purely psychological reaction to what happened. Still, I was a little shy when I saw a contraindication to vaccination in the memo.

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Since the introduction of the vaccine into my body,almost a day. I do not notice any side effects on myself, although I was warned about possible ailments such as headaches, fever, chills and aching bones. I admit that something like this can happen on the second day, but so far everything is fine. I'll keep you informed.

Ivan Kuznetsov, specially for