I recognize you from a thousand. Door mat remembers the trail of the owner (3 photos)

New Zealand engineers have worked withdoor mat. Now he can distinguish people by footprints, given the shape of their soles and the weight distribution of the shoe holder. The device creates a scan of a person's shoe when he comes to the door. The proposed development can be one of the stages of fast multifactor homeowner authentication in the future, which will eliminate the use of additional USB tokens, putting fingers on appropriate scanners, etc.

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Suranga Nanayakkara and his colleagues from AucklandUniversity presented a novelty at the conference AH2019. Inside the doormat there is a 15.3-inch capacitive sensor. He is able to detect an object above the carpet at a height of 4 centimeters. This property allows you to scan the shoes of the person who came to the door.

Unfortunately, the technique proposed by the craftsmen is notperfect and not 100% accurate. As it turned out, on the second day of development testing, the recognition accuracy dropped from one hundred to ninety-six percent when analyzing the soles of 15 volunteers. But engineers are not losing optimism, they are confident that in the future they will be able to bring the work of the smart carpet to perfection.