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Hyundai unveils the concept of the e-corner module, which allows the electric vehicle to turn around in place (2 photos + video)

South Korean company Hyundai Mobis presentedthe conceptual e-corner module, which provides a significant increase in the maneuverability of electric vehicles and allows the car to drive sideways or turn on the spot.

The main design feature of the e-corner moduleis the ability to turn all the wheels of the module 90 degrees. This technical parameter greatly simplifies the process of parking electric vehicles, allowing cars to enter and exit the parking space sideways. By combining 45-degree wheel rotation, the vehicle can turn on the spot or move sideways.

The presented e-corner module usesmodular architecture, where each wheel module is a completely independent object. The wheel module receives its own electric motor, braking system, suspension and control system. The modules are controlled by wires and does not require the bulky mechanical parts found in classic car circuits.

In a demo video posted on YouTube,The M.Vision 2GO commercial van is unveiled, with production scheduled for 2023. By 2025, the company plans to create a fully autonomous version of such a vehicle.

Source: electrek