Hyundai Sets New Electric Vehicle Sales Record in September

Hyundai Motor Company set a new monthly sales record in September with 18,842 electric vehicles sold. This

result was 55% higher than sales figures inSeptember of last year and exceeded the previous record of the company, demonstrated in May this year, by 1,000 units. In total, Hyundai sold 355,040 vehicles in September, up 24% from last year. In the first nine months of 2022, the company sold 2,895,128 vehicles, up 1.2% from sales in 2021. Hyundai has chosen a tactic to actively promote the direction of electric vehicles, and this tactic is starting to bear fruit. Hyundai plans to ensure sales of at least 560,000 electric vehicles annually by 2025. The company is also developing a line of fuel cell vehicles, Hyundai intends to sell up to 110,000 such vehicles by 2025.