Hyundai unveils 810 horsepower sports electric car (video)

Manufacturers of modern electric vehiclesconstantly improving their design, increasing such key indicators as speed and autonomous driving range. Industry leader Tesla, at its recent Battery Day 2020, unveiled an improved Model S Plaid that set a speed record for this class of car on the Laguna Seca track in Northern California. In turn, Hyundai has developed the RM20e Racing Midship, an electric sports car capable of impressive speed performance.

New Hyundai RM20e Racing Midship for the first timeshown at the Beijing Auto Show. The sports car received a rear-wheel drive with a central engine and transmission. The RM20e is capable of developing 596 kW (810 hp) and 960 Nm of torque. The acceleration time from zero to 100 km / h is 3 seconds, and the speed of 200 km / h is reached in 9.98 seconds.

Hyundai developers note that when creatingThe new electric sports car uses the unified RM platform, focused on cars with zero emissions. The Racing Midship series will incorporate all the advanced technologies to achieve unique driving dynamics, Hyundai believes.

However, the Hyundai RM20e Racing Midship is notwill be launched in series and will not compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid. The novelty will be used as an experimental sample on which innovative technologies will be tested.

Source: motor24