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Hypersonic missile "Avangard" - what it is capable of

Avangard is one of the most sensational Russianmilitary developments of the last decade. The weapon is a strategic hypersonic missile system. It has the capabilities of an intercontinental ballistic missile, as well as a maneuvering warhead. "Vanguard" is notable for the fact that it has become the fastest aircraft in the history of mankind. The warhead accelerates to a speed of Mach 28, which is 9.5 kilometers per second. At the same time, the power of the warhead can range from 800 kilotons to 2 megatons. The missile is capable of overcoming any anti-missile defense of the enemy today. Simply put, these are nuclear weapons against which there is no protection yet. We propose further to understand in more detail what is the peculiarity of the "Avant-garde", what are its pros and cons.

Supersonic strategic missile "Avangard" became the fastest aircraft in history

Development of the Avangard hypersonic missile

Hypersonic weapons are considered the latestdevelopment, however, few people know that work on the project began in the mid-80s at NPO Mashinostroeniya. Initially, the goal of the project was to develop a weapon that could overcome the US missile defense system. Then it was proposed to equip the intercontinental missile with a winged warhead.

With the warming of relations between the USA and the USSR in 1989year, they decided to abandon the creation of the rocket. True, this was largely due to economic reasons. But the designers managed to convince the country's leadership to continue developing at least a warhead.

The development of hypersonic weapons began under the USSR

In order to save money, it was decided to create a newweapons based on the already existing UR-100N UTTKh missile. The first test launches were made already in 1990, but the project was not further developed due to the collapse of the USSR and the onset of the crisis.

The decision to resume work on the project wastaken at a time of a new round of tension between countries. Recall that in the early 2000s, this was due to the US decision to withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. This is not to say that the development went smoothly. Between 2013 and 2015, a series of tests ended in failure.

The challenges were to ensure resilience tohigh temperatures and control system development. But in the end they managed to solve them. As a result, on December 27, 2019, the first Avangard missile system was put on combat duty. Subsequently, it became known about the arrival of several more complexes. Until 2027, it is planned to deploy twelve launchers

The carrier of the Avangard warhead is the UR-100N UTTKh missile

Missile "Vanguard" - characteristics and capabilities

Avangard is a missile systemmine-based, which until 2027 should replace the RS-26 Rubezh and BZHRK Barguzin complexes. The new weapon has several important advantages at once, including intercontinental range, accuracy similar to cruise missiles, and incredible speed.

As a result of all this, it can bypass the American missile defense system and launch a nuclear strike in the depths of the territory. Moreover, the warhead will reach the target 15 minutes after launch.

Technical characteristics of a hypersonic missileare kept secret. However, some information about her is still known. For example, in 2018 it was reported that during the first official first flight, she developed a speed of 33,000 km / h and hit the target.

In the future, the Sarmat missile will become the carrier of the Avangard warhead

According to some reports, the length of the warheadis 5-7 meters. Thanks to the cladding with composite materials, the case can withstand heating of several thousand degrees, and is also reliably protected from laser irradiation. Since the block has its own motor, it can change its speed and maneuver.

The carrier of the combat unit "Vanguard" is currentlytime is the Soviet-style intercontinental ballistic missile UR-100N UTTKh. But in the future, the latest Sarmat missiles, which we talked about earlier, will be used as a carrier.

Vanguard can strike anywhere in the enemy country

Disadvantages of the Avangard rocket

From the foregoing, it would seem that"Vanguard" is an ideal strategic weapon. However, it has its downsides. One of them is the presence of only one nuclear charge, that is, a missile can hit only one target. A conventional ballistic missile contains up to six charges.

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Also, as strange as it may sound,the high speed of the rocket is not only its advantage, but also a disadvantage. As we said above, the warhead is heated during the flight to a very high temperature. As a result, it is easily detected by the infrared sensors that the satellite is equipped with.

Yes, missile defense systems will still not be able to shoot down a missile,even if it is discovered. However, the US will be able to strike back. Therefore, according to some experts, the use of such weapons, in fact, does not provide advantages in a nuclear war. In particular, the American expert Peter Suchiu speaks about this.