Hyperscooter Dragonfly will be able to compete with the car (7 photos)

Developers from the London-based company D-Fly Group have turned a traditional electric scooter into a unique hyperscooter, capable of competing with some cars in speed and cost.

D-Fly Group engineers used to createurban vehicles are the most advanced materials and technologies used in the automotive and aviation industries. The Dragonfly case (Dragonfly) is made of carbon fiber, aluminum of a series 700, the high strength of which allows its use in the aviation industry. Also, when decorating "Dragonflies", paulownia wood (Adam's tree) is used, from which mountain skiing is made.

Two electric motors with transmission provideacceleration of Dragonfly to 61 km / h, traction control ensures the transmission of 1800 watts of thrust to each wheel. The maximum driving radius is 45 km, on a single battery charge. The Full-Tilt function for manual control is patented for cars participating in Formula 1 races, and is equipped with controls in three planes to control the tilt on the central rack.

Control of the parameters of the hyperscooterusing a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 4 K. The monitor connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to track location and speed using GPS.

Such a unique high-techThe electric scooter has the same unique price of $ 5,000. And this is only the price of the base model with three wheels. An extended modification with 4 wheels will cost $ 6,000 already. The first Dragonfly goes on sale in 2020.

Source: TheVerge