Hyperloop passenger capsule set a new speed record

In 2013, the head of the companies Tesla and SpaceX IlonaThe mask arose another daring idea. He was eager to hold vacuum tubes under the cities, inside which, at a speed of more than 1000 kilometers per hour, capsules with passengers would move. One of the first underground routes is planned to be laid between Washington and New York, but before this it is important to create a passenger capsule that can develop high speeds and provide people with complete safety. Students from various technological institutes are engaged in designing capsules, and among them a team from Germany is particularly notable - their apparatus recently accelerated to a record 463 kilometers per hour.

The record was set during the fourth in a row.Hyperloop Pod Competition. The organizer of the event is Ilon Mask himself, who gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the capsules they have created. In order to take the first place, the devices need to travel as quickly as possible inside the 1.6-km pipe and stop safely.

New Hyperloop Record

In 2019, the application for participation in the competitionfiled 21 teams, but the judges allowed only four capsules for the race. They are Delft Hyperloop (Netherlands), EPHL Hyperloop (Switzerland), Swissloop (Switzerland) and TUM Hyperloop (Germany). The last capsule, by the way, used to be called WARR Hyperloop and won all previous competitions. Its speed record in 2018 is 457 kilometers per hour.

TUM Hyperloop Capsule

Students from Germany showed themselves with the bestside and this year. They broke their own record, speeding up the TUM Hyperloop capsule to 463 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, the race was not as smooth as it should have been - you can see in the video how when a record speed is reached, sparks arise around the vehicle and small parts fly. Most likely, this happened due to damage to the walls of the pipe, and not the capsule.

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Second place went to the Swissloop capsule,established at the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich - it accelerated to 252 kilometers per hour. The third to the finish line was an EPFL Hyperloop capsule, which was created by other Swiss students and reached a speed of 238 kilometers per hour. The Delft Hyperloop from the Netherlands was unable to complete the race, because after leaving for a distance of 200 meters, he lost contact with the team and braked himself.

Underground transport

After completing the contest, the developers set aboutimproving their capsules. At the moment, the best option for the transport of passengers, of course, is the TUM Hyperloop, but it also has room to grow. Firstly, it is important for students from Germany to speed it up to the required 1000 kilometers per hour. Secondly, they need to work on the safety of the capsule - because no one wants it to fall apart during high-speed driving and destroy the tunnel through which it moves?

A member of the TUM Hyperloop team looks inside the tunnel

Next Hyperloop Pod Competitionwill be held in 2020, and will be much more difficult than the previous ones. Ilon Musk announced that the length of the tunnel will be as much as 9.7 kilometers, with one of its sections being slightly curved. Students will have to seriously work on the maneuverability and safety of their capsules, because an accident may well occur at the place of this bend.

TUM Hyperloop Capsule Makers

Most likely, the venue of the competition, toowill change. At the moment it takes place in California, on the territory of the SpaceX headquarters. It is there that the 1.2-kilometer highway is located, but the company will not be able to extend it to 9.7 kilometers due to lack of space. Where exactly the new tunnel will be laid, is not reported yet.

And now, the most interesting thing: How much will the Hyperloop travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg cost?

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