Hypercar for 800 horses solves the problems of electric cars, but is dangerous for nature

Electric cars are already goodproved to be a vehicle for daily driving through the city. However, they are not suitable for long trips due to the limited battery charge, so some manufacturers have to look for ways to charge them while driving. Usually for this purpose, electricity generators on gasoline or diesel are used, but Gumpert Corporation suggested using methanol, which, with its cheapness, has several big drawbacks.

Alternative Battery Charging Methodapplied in the new hypercar Gumpert Nathalie. It is equipped with four electric engines with a maximum power of 800 horsepower and is capable of accelerating to 306 km / h. The design consists of a molybdenum frame, a carbon chassis and a variety of aerodynamic elements to ensure sufficient downforce for comfortable driving.

According to company founder Roland Gumpert,a methanol-based fuel cell provides an electric car with enough energy to overcome more than 850 km at a speed of about 80 km / h. Electric energy is not generated by burning methanol, but by a chemical reaction that releases 5 kW of energy.

Dubiousness Gumpert Nathalie

With all its beauty and power, the carIt seems very doubtful, and the problem is not only in the toxic properties of molybdenum. Suppose someone bought a car Gumpert Nathalie - but where would he get such a small amount of fuel? Hypercar clearly does not pretend to be massive, and it is unlikely that any company will deploy an extensive infrastructure with molybdenum stations.

Also questionable is the effectiveness of thegenerator It produces 5 kW of energy, so when accelerating to 112 km / h, the electricity generated by it is not enough even to maintain the charge at the same level. It is noteworthy that the company has not yet disclosed the capacity of the battery.

Finally, the Nathalie hypercar does notcorresponds to the main feature of electric cars - safety for the environment. A chemical reaction involving methanol produces carbon dioxide, the key element that humankind wants to get rid of by going to electric cars.

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