Hundreds of millions of passwords of Facebook users were stored unencrypted (3 photos)

In the center of the next scandal associated withuser data leak, turned out to be a social network Facebook. As the corporation itself admitted, hundreds of millions of user passwords were stored unencrypted. They were available to thousands of Facebook employees.

The first incident report appeared on the site.Brian Krebs, cyber security specialist. Soon the situation was described in the Facebook blog. From the text of this post, it follows that the fact that the Facebook users' passwords in plain text form were found in the internal corporate network was revealed during a regular security check at the beginning of the year. They should have been stored in encrypted form. But for some reason the encryption process passwords have not passed.

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The number of employees is not specified.Facebook, who had access to passwords of users of a social network. Different sources report that we can talk about 2 000 or 20 000 employees. As stated in a publication on the Krebs website, part of the passwords has been stored in text form since 2012, and the incident from 200 to 600 million users touched upon the incident.

How many users have been affectedFacebook has not yet reported. However, mentions that the incident will notify hundreds of millions of people using the application Facebook Lite. This is a lightweight version of the traditional mobile social network application. Also, the company's specialists plan to notify Facebook and Instagram users.

Facebook assures, of course, that the story is notcaused data leakage outside the company. However, those whose passwords were stored unencrypted, still recommend to change them. They are also advised to think about using 2-factor authentication or a physical USB security key and so additionally protect their account. In the first case, each time entering the profile, you will have to enter an additional one-time security code sent to the device in a separate application.

Source: Facebook