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Humpbacked silent people: how will working at home affect people's appearance?

In 2019, analysts from International WorkplaceGroup found that 80% of office workers would like to work on a more flexible schedule. Well, the coronavirus pandemic gave them a great chance to work from home and be at least a little freer. Some companies really liked the fact of transferring employees to a remote mode of operation - representatives of the microblogging service Twitter are even thinking of transferring their employees to a remote location forever. It may well be that in the future there will be much more remote employees than before, so different groups of scientists are trying to figure out how working at home affects the human body. Recently, developers of the DirectlyApply job search platform contacted psychologists and fitness experts to evaluate the impact of the udalenka on the person. As a result, they created a portrait of a “distant worker of the future”.

In theory, people who work at home will look like this

Cons of Remote Work

Imagine being completely transferred toremote mode of operation. You no longer need to warm up the car, wait for the bus and ride in the subway for 40 minutes. It is enough just to get out of bed, have breakfast and sit in front of a laptop - the working day has begun. Somewhere in the afternoon you can go to the kitchen and have a meal, but there is no one to chat with, because your colleagues are also sitting at home. Returning to the desktop and sitting at it for another 3-4 hours, you decide to relax and spend the evening watching the series or playing the console. And so 25 years pass ...

Some employers allow employees to alternate between remote and office work.

Now you look like Susan - typicala man who worked at home and completely forgot about walks and other joys of life. Psychologists and fitness experts have studied how constant work at the computer, the absence of personal meetings with colleagues and other remote work companions can affect a person’s appearance and created a rather frightening image. A spoiled figure, wrinkled skin, eyes with huge bags - this is not all that awaits a person who is sitting at a computer with no couch.

Susan doesn't look very healthy, does she ...?

Computer damage

The creators of the image of Susan explained that the constantbeing near a computer or laptop screen will certainly cause people to “computer vision syndrome”. This condition is characterized by dry and sore eyes, under which huge bags hang. Most of the time, the “remote worker of the future” will see the monitor flicker, so the skin will become pale and wrinkled, and the hair will fall out. And the reason for this is the lack of vitamin D, which we get from the Sun.

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An unpretentious body will be below the head,disfigured by low activity and improper sitting at the computer. Susan's spine is clearly twisted, which is why her neck probably hurts constantly. The human head from the future will be constantly pushed forward - in English literature this phenomenon is called the “tech neck” and is considered the result of overly active use of the smartphone. Susan’s hands are also deformed, because she holds a computer mouse for dozens of hours a day and taps her fingers on the keyboard.

Illustration of that “tech neck”

Susan's Mental Health Is Not Everythingwell, because she rarely sees people. According to the authors of the work, working at home without regular outings on the street will surely lead people to stress. They explained this by the fact that a chaotic work regime and the lack of personal conversations with colleagues “about nothing” will lead to an increase in the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. And stress can trigger an increase in blood pressure, problems with the work of the cardiovascular system and other diseases.

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According to representatives of DirectlyApply,It is important for people who have switched to remote work to draw up a daily routine and adhere to it strictly. The schedule should include sports, meetings with friends and all that was normal when working in the office. And during work it is necessary to take breaks - for example, work for 20 minutes, making 5-minute pauses between them. During the break, you must definitely move away from the workplace and warm up, give your eyes a rest.

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