Hummingbirds are able to see colors that we cannot even imagine.

Researches by scientists show that the eyes of birdsperceive a much larger color spectrum than human eyes. As a result, biologists specializing in studying the organs of vision of birds joke that a person, in comparison with a bird, perceives the world around him as a color blind compared with a person with ordinary vision.

Such a unique phenomenon, scientists fromPrinceton University, reporting that our eyes see the surrounding reality in a spectrum described by three color cones (blue, red and green), and hummingbirds' visual organs recognize four color cones. One additional cone for birds allows them to see in the ultraviolet (UV) range and means that they have tetrachromatic vision.

Vision of birds allows not only to see inextended optical spectrum, but also respond to a combination of colors such as UV and green or UV and red. As a result of studies, it was found that birds are able to distinguish up to five color combinations. For our perception, it is difficult to even imagine what these shades may be.

At Princeton University were heldexperiments aimed at revealing evidence that hummingbirds are able to recognize non-spectral color ranges inaccessible to human vision.

Noteworthy that the study of birdplumage, which was attended by over 1000 species of birds and more than 2400 plants, showed that our vision can not accept the light reflected from their surface in more than a third of cases. Simply put, a person does not see about 30% of the surrounding flora and fauna.

Source: pnas