Hummer EV with 1000hp electric motor will be released next year (4 videos)

A difficult fate awaits the brainchild of Ilona Mask pickupTesla Cybertruck, which has already been challenged by well-known automakers, Lincoln (Rivian R1T) and Ford (Ford F-150) offering their concepts of large-sized pickups. Now such a heavyweight as GMC with its famous Hummer is entering this competitive field.

In January 2020, General Motorsofficially announced plans to create an electric crossover Hummer, planned to enter the market under the name GMC Hummer EV. The new electric car will be equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1000 horsepower, have a torque of 15591.9 Nm (11500 lb-ft) and have the ability to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

The first demonstration of the appearance of GMC Hummer EVwill be held during the Super Bowl finals at the Quiet Revolution commercial with LeBron James. The official presentation of the car itself will take place on May 20, 2020 in the US automotive center Detroit at the restored Detroit-Hamtramck factory specializing in the production of electric vehicles. Entering the market is scheduled for autumn 2021.

In anticipation of the Super Bowl finals (February 3), whereA silent revolution with GMC Hummer EV in the lead role will be presented, General Motors marketers have released four short excerpts to arouse interest in the future electric monster.

According to some information received beforeofficial presentation, Hummer EV will enter the market in a pickup form factor and will be available for purchase in 2022. The almost simultaneous entry into the market with Tesla Cybertruck promises exciting competition in this car segment.

For retrofitting production lines inDetroit and reprofiling them for the production of GMC Hummer EV electric pickups, GMC has already spent $ 3 billion. Another $ 2.3 billion was earmarked for the creation of an Ohio-based battery factory for electric cars with LG Chem. GMC plans include the development and presentation of over 20 models of electric cars by 2023.

The first Hummer H1 was launched in 1992.year as a version of the army Humvee. Hummer H2 and Hummer H3 models were produced until 2010, when production was closed. The resurgence of Hummer production in ten years in the format of an electric car, may indicate the restoration of the power of the American automotive industry in the new conditions.

Source: gmc