Humble Motors unveils Humble One electric SUV with solar panel on roof and windows (5 photos)

The electric car industry is becominga daily routine, both for large car manufacturers and for numerous startups. The original design was proposed by a young California startup Humble Motors, which is about to release "the world's first solar-powered crossover." The company's plans include collecting applications for a new electric car, with an optional $ 300 queue reservation, the start of mass production in 2024 and the first deliveries to customers in 2025.

Electric crossover Humble One will receivephotovoltaic cells with an area of ​​7.65 square meters, placed on the roof, windows and other flat surfaces. As a result, the total charge of the battery from the Sun per day will, on average, be sufficient for a trip over a distance of 97 km. In cloudy weather, a mileage of 16 km is provided.

Among the technical parameters of the futureSUV moving from the energy of the Sun, the power of the electric motor is indicated, which is 1020 hp. Your own battery with unknown parameters will provide an autonomous ride for a distance of 800 km. At the same time, it is not indicated whether the battery recharging from solar panels is taken into account when calculating the range.

The drag coefficient of the four-door, five-seat crossover is just 0.25, which is slightly below the industry leader Tesla Model S with an index of 0.23.

According to one of the founders andof the leaders of the company, the former executive director of Ford Alex Bogichevich, today the company already has orders for Humble One cars for a total cost of about $ 20 million, which, with a car price of $ 109 thousand, is slightly more than 180 units. Whether the collection of applications will allow the company to risk starting mass production in 2024, the future will show.

Source: insideevs