Human Headphones Wireless Headphones Convert to Speakers (video)

Wireless Headphone Developers Aimprovide users with more and more comfortable devices that allow for efficient broadcasting of audio, with high sound quality. The American company Human has moved away from the traditional TWS headphone design offered by Apple or Samsung. Headphones Human Headphones create new standards for audio broadcasting and provide users with additional features.

The external design of Human Headphones is shapedshells and is equipped with a special mount. The shape perfectly fits and completely covers the user's ear, isolating it from the external sound background. The developers have prepared a little surprise for users - the headphones are easily connected with magnets and thus transformed into a small Bluetooth speaker.

Four portable headphonesa microphone and one 30mm speaker. Microphones turn the earpiece into a traditional intercom. Human Headphones also allows you to communicate with a voice assistant. Headphones are controlled by gestures or taps on the outside of the device.

Human Headphones are charged viaUSB Type-C socket, providing battery life for 9 hours of continuous listening to audio. Communication with the smartphone is via the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol. A special application is also provided for providing individual settings for Human Headphones. The price of transformer headphones is $ 399.

Source: techradar