Hubble telescope revealed the smallest clusters of dark matter (2 photos)

Research done using newtechnology, confirmed the hypothesis of astronomers that dark matter forms much smaller clusters than was previously known, which will allow the development of the theory of “cold dark matter”, which states that all galaxies are formed and enclosed in clouds of dark matter.

Dark matter consists of slowly moving or“Cold” particles that come together and form structures that can be either hundreds of thousands of times the mass of our Milky Way galaxy, or form objects equal in mass to a standard airplane.

New deep space exploration technology is notwill be based on the traditional gravitational method of detecting the influence of the invisible form of matter, which makes up the bulk of the universe. Astronomers have studied eight quasars orbiting black holes. The light emanating from a gas orbiting each of the black holes is distorted by the gravity of the foreground galaxy and acts like a magnifying lens.

Researchers have been able to identify clusters of darkmatter along the line of sight from the telescope to quasars, as well as in and around intermediate galaxies. The team notes that eight quasars and galaxies have been aligned exactly enough so that the distortion effect gives four distorted images of each quasar.

Source: slashgear