Hubble helped measure the energy of the cosmic tsunami of quasars

The most mysterious space objects quasarspossess a huge energy reserve due to the presence of supermassive black holes and are the brightest astronomical objects in the observable part of the Universe. The brightness of the quasars in some cases exceeds the glow of the galaxies in which they are located.

Scientists astronomers attempted to studyenergy values ​​of the largest quasars using the capabilities of the Hubble Space Telescope. As a result, it was found that the behavior of quasars is similar to the energy tsunami moving at a tremendous speed exceeding 70 million km / h. The process of cosmic tsunami occurs with the transfer of a huge mass of matter in excess of a hundred solar masses.

Quasars arise when supermassiveblack holes absorb matter from the surrounding galaxies, throwing out jets of matter. They also heat the matter of the surrounding space, creating overheated accretion disks that create cosmic "winds" under the influence of magnetic and radiation pressure.

The difficulty of measuring the energy of space tsunamislies in the fact that the nearest quasars are located at a distance of over 10 billion light years. The solution to this problem becomes possible only when using the technical power of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomers have studied the highest qualityphotographs of quasars in the visible spectrum, made by a telescope and revealed the most powerful energy bursts. To measure the quasar’s wind speed, scientists used a Hubble instrument called the Cosmic Source Spectrograph (COS) to evaluate the Doppler shift in the jets of streams from the quasars.

In total, data from 13 quasars were investigated. Some of them created cosmic winds moving at a speed of several percent of the speed of light. One quasar generated wind with tremendous acceleration from an initial speed of 70 million km / h to 74 million km / h in just three years of observation.

Cosmic tsunamis move matter every yearhundreds of solar masses. Scientists say that the energy of cosmic flows is several hundred times higher than the luminosity of the entire Milky Way galaxy. The giant light show can be compared to the glow of Christmas trees scattered throughout the galaxy.