Huawei's smart Yolanda scales will help healthy lifestyle lovers

The universal struggle for a healthy lifestyleprompted the Chinese corporation Huawei to release smart scales Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale, capable of controlling up to 17 parameters of the human body. Also, scales can be used for its intended purpose - to determine body weight.

Functionality Yolanda scalessimilar to traditional fitness bracelets and smartwatch fitness apps. However, the main difference is the ability of the scales to measure parameters using bio-impedance analysis, a method based on measurements of the electrical resistance of various parts of the body.

The balance achieves particular accuracy when measuringheart rate (HR), the most important indicator of the user's health status. By integrating and analyzing heart rate data with other indicators, such as percentage of body fat, metabolic rate, Yolanda scales will help determine the state of the body, the biological age of the user. Based on these data, a special diet is developed and a program of physical activity is determined.

Yolanda smart scales have WiFi andBluetooth and received data are periodically transferred to the cloud storage or to a smartphone. Measurements can be taken for several users, the number of which is unlimited. Scales themselves identify registered users.

Scales work in the range from 200 grams to 180 kg,with an error of 50 grams. The scales are equipped with an HD-LED screen, which is powered by four batteries. The start date for the sale has not yet been announced, but the price is known - 13 dollars.

Source: gizmochina