Huawei will start repairing their smartphones for free (3 photos)

Smartphone manufacturers fighting for their ownCustomers are trying to fully develop the related service for the support and maintenance of devices during operation. On July 10, the Chinese company Huawei launches the program of integrated services Huawei Cares, similar to the existing competitors AppleCare +.

Huawei examined the needs of users andfound that more than half of smartphone owners are concerned about data loss, battery failure, or damage to the device when in contact with water. At the same time, the lion's share of customers wants to get branded services for smartphones. In addition, almost 92% of users believe that the prices of existing services for the replacement of damaged glass are too high.

Huawei management assures that from now on the ownerssmartphones will forget about the problems with the repair and maintenance of gadgets. The opening service of Huawei Cares will provide an opportunity for customers purchasing smartphones of the P30 model range to make free replacement of a damaged rear and front glass for a year. It is also supposed to hold special “service days”, during which customers receive some services for free.