Huawei smartphones will work on the Russian OS Aurora

As the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, MikhailMamonov, representatives of Russia and China have agreed on the production of Huawei smartphones operating on the Russian OS Aurora. Previously, this system was Finnish Sailfish OS. The project will be launched before the end of this year.

Huawei representatives and developersAurora already agree on the conditions and are preparing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So Mamonov is absolutely sure that the smartphones from China will still have a Russian operating system.

It is worth noting that experts have already talked aboutpossible collaboration between the authors of Aurora and Huawei. According to rumors, Huawei CEO Guo Ping and Konstantin Noskov, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, in the first days of the summer discussed the possibility of switching a number of smartphones to our mobile OS. This moment also surfaced at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with PRC Chairman Xi Jinping.

Then they said that smartphones on the Aurora are already being tested in Huawei. And in the second half of June, Mikhail Mamonov promised to meet representatives of China and developers from Russia until the autumn.

Source: Kommersant