Huawei Smart Car Smart Screen Car Display Unveiled with 1920 × 720 Resolution for $ 258 (2 Photos + Video)

China-based tech giant Huawei,continues to expand its range of computer technology to help consumers make long journeys in cars. On December 21, the company unveiled the Huawei HiCar Smart Screen in-car display, which can facilitate navigation, take photos and videos, and provide additional information to the driver.

Huawei HiCar Smart display gets ultra clear8.9-inch touchscreen, up to 700 nits brightness and 1920 × 720 pixel resolution. The device supports transferring mobile apps between screens and has 30 pre-installed apps, including Baidu Maps, Gaode Maps and other popular navigation apps, as well as NetEase Cloud, Kugou, Himalaya. In addition, music streaming services are supported.

The IPS display screen is anti-glare and equipped withan outgoing selfie camera and a wide-angle camera on the rear surface, enabling Huawei HiCar Smart to function as a DVR with a capture of 135 degrees of space in front of the car. Supports gesture and voice control.

Fits car display ondashboard based on providing 360 degree unobstructed rotation. Ease of use is ensured by an aspect ratio of 8: 3 with a thin 6 mm bezel. In DVR mode, the camera shoots video in 2K format with a resolution of 2160 × 1440.

Communication between smartphone and Huawei HiCar displaySmart is carried out wirelessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The HiCar technology used in the device is already used by 20 car manufacturers and is implemented in more than 150 car models. The in-car display can be pre-ordered as early as December 30, with retail sales starting at $ 258 on January 8.

That's not all, because intelligentThe car screen is equipped with a pop-up selfie camera and rear cameras including a wide angle camera for recording discs on a 360-degree adjustable base. The screen also supports voice recognition and air gesture control.

It can be connected to the original car audio system to realize cross-screen mobile applications, navigation coordination, and more.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei ConsumerBusiness Group, said Huawei's HiCar smart solution is currently collaborating with more than 20 automakers, over 150 models and 30+ applications. More than 5 million units are planned to be pre-installed in 2021.

According to the information, the Huawei Smart Car Smart Screen priced at 1699 will be available for pre-order from December 30, with the first sale taking place on January 8, 2020.