Huawei shows images of the new flexible smartphone Huawei Mate X3

In anticipation of the upcoming presentation of smartphones on March 23, Huawei is fueling interest in new products,

showing images of the new flexible smartphoneHuawei Mate X3. This smartphone will be the third generation of flexible Huawei smartphones. The image says "light as a wing and strong as a rock." It is expected that the design of the new smartphone will be thinner than the previous generation, which will make it lighter, and the Kunlun glass used will ensure it is highly durable. This glass has an increased level of resistance to falls and abrasion. Huawei claims that the drop resistance of Kunlun glass is increased by 10 times. It is known that the smartphone should receive an internal screen with a resolution of 2K and it will not have any cutouts for the cameras.