HUAWEI ray tracing for smartphones (video)

Modern gamers show increasedrequirements for image quality, and developers are keen to satisfy this wish. The use of ray tracing becomes a prerequisite for the promotion of new games. However, developers are striving to expand the coverage of raytracing and extend it not only to popular old games, but also to test the capabilities of technology in wearable devices such as smartphones.

HUAWEI Engineering Service usedto test ray tracing on the Kirin 990 flagship processor for NetEase's Love is Justice game. In terms of performance, the chip occupies an intermediate position between the A13 and A12 processors used in the iPhone and surpasses the Snapdragon 855. The test of the raytracing for smartphones was carried out under the control of EMUI.

Test showed that Kirin 990 processor withcoped with the task with honor. However, the application of technology for high-quality graphics requires enormous computing power and, as a result, high power consumption, which is important for smartphones that depend on battery life.