Huawei presented a “smart backpack” 9um Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag for schoolchildren (4 photos)

The Chinese company Huawei announced the starttesting original high-tech products for students. A compact and roomy children's "smart backpack" under the long name 9um Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag is already available for test trials.

Backpack from Huawei is designed for children, heightwhich does not exceed 135 cm. 9um Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag is equipped with a compact LCD display, which displays important information for schoolchildren, such as the lesson schedule.

The backpack has moisture protection corresponding toIP67 standard, and can be used in the rain without any problems. The “smart backpack” is controlled using the proprietary HarmonyOS operating system, which allows it to connect to the Smart Life application and use GPS to track the user’s location. A special function will allow parents to control the presence of the child in a given area. Parents will be notified when a student leaves the restricted space.

In China, Huawei has already begun9um Smart Positioning Children Schoolbag testing program for developers who must apply and pay $110. The cost and timing of the "smart backpack" on the market have not yet been reported.