Huawei P30 Pro disassembled to study the camera with a 5-fold optical zoom (4 photos + video)

The flagship smartphone Huawei P30 Pro wassubjected to detailed disassembly by well-known YouTube-blogger Zach Nelson to study the design and layout of the details of the gadget, as well as detailed acquaintance with a unique video camera having a 5-fold optical zoom.

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The compact design of smartphones eliminatesthe ability to install powerful optical systems. At the same time, there is a steady trend of permanently reducing the thickness of the casing of mobile devices. In this regard, many developers have taken the path of creating local thickenings in the placement of cameras.

Huawei engineers for placement in a slim packagecameras with 5x optical zoom found the original design solution. The camera sensor is not located behind the lens, but perpendicular to it, while the reflected light passes through the periscope lens. This allowed the unit not to leave the cameras beyond the boundaries of the back surface of the smartphone.

This approach allows the use of smartphonescameras with even more than 5x optical zoom. However, to do this, the layout of internal parts should be revised to free up additional space. The most obvious solution is to reduce the battery capacity and, as a result, reduce its geometric parameters.