Huawei NM - a small innovation with great consequences

The announcement of the Huawei Mate 20 associates was so rich in all kinds of wow moments that one curious, but small detail somehow did not immediately attract attention. And in vain.

This is Huawei NM - a new memory card format. Not compatible with traditional microSD. Slots for such cards are equipped with all four members of the Mate 20 family, which means that the memory card from the previous smartphone will not fit in them, alas.

How is it that Huawei decided to bang so awkwardlysame? Well, first of all, this is a new card, which means that initially more modern, microSD is different. And Huawei NM supports a speed of 90 Mbps (probably, it means reading speed, not writing, but this is still very much). In addition, Huawei NM quite logically made compatible in size and location of contacts with nanoscards. This will save space in the design of trays.

Is this enough to forgive Huawei the audacity of entering a new format? Is not a fact.


Huawei was the first to introduceSIM card slot compatible with a memory card - a hybrid design that allows you to choose what you need - the second SIM card or drive extension. This solution can be treated differently, it all depends on the amount of internal memory, but one cannot deny the fact that it gained popularity among the manufacturers of smartphones.

Maybe it will be here. It remains to find out how much the pleasure will cost - while about the price of Huawei and not let slip.


Tatyana Kobelskaya