Huawei laptops disappeared from Microsoft online store (3 photos)

Donald Trump's actions aimed atThe weakening of Chinese technology companies is overgrown with new “actors”. The first responded to the decree of the President of the United States on May 15, Google, revoking the license to use the Android mobile operating system in Huawei devices. Then they were joined by Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and even the British ARM.

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What happens to Microsoft is suggestivethe idea that it is also lined up with the aforementioned and becomes a participant in the “technological war” of the USA against China. The first action Microsoft took was removing all Huawei notebooks from the Microsoft Store. Even the MateBook X Pro, which is in great demand and is considered one of the best Windows laptops on the market, is no exception to the “sanctioned” list. At the same time, Microsoft still does not openly comment on the situation with Windows, that is, there is no official ban on the use of the operating system.

Journalists portal The Verge yetreasonably believe that by removing Chinese laptops from their store, Microsoft may declare that it is unacceptable to use Windows in Huawei laptops. This will bring down the competitiveness of the MateBook X Pro in relation to the Apple MacBook Pro or HP Specter x360. From a possible ban on the use of Windows, Huawei server storage solutions and Huawei Cloud cloud storage may collapse.

While the Chinese company keeps hitting itHe continues to declare that the country is successfully developing analogs of Android and Windows, but how close this process is to completion and how long it will take to wait for the results is not clear. However, according to sources from Kommersant, the software corporation has notified all of its representative offices, including the Russian, that any contacts with Huawei and its subsidiaries should now be made through Microsoft headquarters.