Huawei installs "liquid lenses" (video) in smartphones

Liquid Lens technology is not widely known, althoughit is not part of recent discoveries. It was developed 20 years ago by the French physicist Bruno Berge to offer an alternative to focusing, obtained using software or mechanical lens movements.

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Cameras equipped with Liquid Lens technologyallow you to quickly and accurately change the focus point with an accuracy unknown to motorized systems, thanks to a mixture of oil and water, which can change the shape of the lens. There are no moving parts in the lenses that use them, although the possibility of enlarging images remains, it reduces the size and production costs.

The idea is applicable for use in compactdevices such as smartphones, but for now a few reasons limit the use of cameras. However, according to rumors, the technology is destined to get there mobile devices thanks to the innovative "stubbornness" of Huawei.

The company is already developing a module with three cameras with an RGB sensor, a monochromatic module and a TOF sensor and Liquid Lens technology. We can assume the debut of "liquid lenses" in the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.