Huawei excommunicated from Google: what will happen to the company's Android-phones?

In the relationship of Huawei and the US government camestage of the next cooling. The situation looks completely unhappy: Huawei is prohibited from purchasing equipment and software of US companies without the permission of the US government, as a result of which Huawei lost access to the products of chip makers from Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom ... Worse, the cooperation with Google was terminated. This means that Huawei revoked the license to use the Android OS and, accordingly, Google’s user services: Chrome, Play Market, YouTube, maps, Google Assistant.

Than this is fraught for the company - time will tell. At the moment, it is more interesting what awaits users of Huawei appliances running Android.

They are not going to offend them: Google reports that users who already have Huawei devices will not be separated from Google Play and other services. However, nothing is said about system updates. It is likely that rely on Android Q is not worth it.

twitter, Reuters

Tatyana Kobelskaya