Huawei delays the release of a folding smartphone Mate X (5 photos)

The race of smartphones with a folding flexible screengaining momentum. A failed attempt to launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold served as an example for other companies. Huawei has decided to delay the release of the Mate X with a bending display.

Earlier in the plans of Huawei, the presentation of the Mate X wasscheduled for July 2019, but now the event is postponed to September. The developers decided to conduct more thorough testing to identify hidden structural and technological problems that reduce the stability of the smartphone with a bending screen. According to the company representatives, manufacturers are aimed at producing quality products that are not capable of harming Huawei’s image and reputation.

Another problem may be the possibilityuse of the Android operating system in Mate X, in connection with the inclusion of Huawei in the sanction list. According to the developers, the smartphone was ready even before the publication of the prohibiting law and has the right to use Android and other Google services. This issue is currently being worked out.

In case of failure to use Android, the companyHuawei promises to solve the issue of using its own operating system in 6-9 months. In this case, the launch of Mate X will be once again postponed until the beginning of 2020.