Huawei clarified which devices will receive a proprietary OS (2 photos)

In the trade confrontation between China and the United Statesa truce is planned, it seems that both sides realized that a bad world is better than a good war. The first sign of an improvement in relations between countries was Trump’s announcement about easing sanctions restrictions against Huawei.

In the case of formalizing the lifting of prohibitionsworking with US corporations, the Chinese company will be able to continue to use Google’s software products and, in particular, the Android operating system for their devices.

One of the vice presidents of Huawei nowconfirmed that the previously announced operating system HongMeng was not originally intended for smartphones. This universal system, according to the developers, can manage computers, tablets, smart home devices, and transport.

The company still began to test the workOS HongMeng on smartphones. However, politicians intervened in technology, and now the system will be used only in industry: for televisions, routers, computers, tablets, logistics systems and data centers.

Huawei’s collaboration with Google will continue, andThe Chinese will be able to install Android on their smartphones. However, for this, Trump's statement should take the form of a decree or a law, since already on August 19, a temporary relief is being completed allowing American companies to work with Huawei without restrictions.