Huawei again fell for deception with pictures (5 photos)

Soon, March 26th in Paris, ChineseHuawei announces flagship smartphones P30 and P30 Pro. Already, it is reported that the new models will have an incredible camera with an optical superzoom. They promise that it will provide a 5-fold increase in image without loss of quality. The manufacturer even decided to demonstrate the photographic capabilities of the new product by publishing on the Weibo social network examples of images taken allegedly on the main P30 camera. But this did not achieve advertising, but scandal.

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As it turned out, the pictures were not taken at all on the P30Pro or P30, which is implied by a marketing campaign. A GSMArena reader has found one of the images published by Huawei in the portfolio of photographer Jake Orson. The photo artist made it using a professional SLR camera in 2015. We also found a snapshot of a volcanic eruption, created a decade ago, back in 2009 by photographer Tom Pfeiffer.

Recall previously the company has already fallen into scandalsdue to unfair advertising, for example, with the photo capabilities of the flagship Huawei P9 and the smartphone Nova 3. At the same time, there is a suspicion that Huawei specifically took advantage of the anti-advertising that draw people’s attention to the upcoming new product so that the announcement would not go a little noticed.

At the same time, not only Huawei tried to promoteadvertising the photographic abilities of their smartphones using pictures taken on a DSLR camera. So, Samsung has accompanied the description to the portrait mode of shooting the smartphone Galaxy A8 Star with a photo from a photo bank, also made with a DSLR camera.