Huawei plans to release a new tablet with a 22.5 W charger (2 photos)

Active phase of trade wars between Huawei andthe US government is forcing the Chinese company to increase its own production capacity, improve the skills of engineering personnel and constantly market all new products in various consumer sectors.

Huawei smartphone sales constantlygrow, and the company confidently ranks among the leading manufacturers in the world. Now the Chinese are also expanding the range of tablets, planning to launch a new model SCMR-W09, which became known after the appearance of insider information from the base of the Chinese regulator China Compulsory Certificate (3C).

From the information that appeared on the network, it is still knownonly that the new Huawei tablet will have fast charging power of 22.5 W, for which 3C certificate is received. It is assumed that the tablet can replace last year's model Huawei MediaPad M6. The company also has already received certificates for the use of fast chargers with a capacity of 18, 40 and 66 watts.

Source: gizchina