Huawei has patented a smartphone with a sub-screen front camera (2 photos)

Smartphone manufacturers are actively developingtechnology that allows you to place the front camera under the screen and get rid of annoying cutouts, holes in monitors, while increasing the useful area of ​​the display. Meanwhile, there are no real mass-produced smartphones with a sub-screen camera yet. A patent from Huawei published by the China National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA), filed back in 2019, suggests that Chinese developers are on the verge of an early presentation of such devices.

Huawei Patent Datasheet containsdescription of the design of two smartphones in which the Mate 30 and P30 Pro models are guessed. Both devices have screens curved along the side faces, which ensures that smartphones do not have standard physical volume buttons. Such a technical solution was already presented in the flagship smartphone Mate 30 Pro, which entered the market in the fall of 2019.

However, the main advantage of future smartphonesthe front camera, hidden under the screen, may become, because the usual drop-like or round cutouts are not visible on the presented images on the main screen.

Currently, there is no official information from Huawei about plans to use selfie cameras hidden under the screen in the nearest models.

Source: letsgodigital