Huawei announced smart glasses in partnership with Gentle Monster

Huawei launches connected glasses in partnershipwith Gentle Monster, the Korean brand of sunglasses and optical glasses. There will be not one model, but a whole collection of glasses with integrated electronics. Huawei positions these glasses as a kind of replacement for headphones - this device will allow you to talk on the phone without putting anything in your ears. On the device there is no button, but you can knock on the shackle of glasses to take a call, for example.

Antenna, charging module, dual microphone,Chipset, speaker and battery - all this is built into the frame. There are two microphones with beam forming technology that can understand what you are saying, even if the device sits on your nose bridge.

Huawei smart glasses with integrated headphones

Directly above your ears are stereo speakers. The company wants you to hear the sound without disturbing your neighbors.

Remarkably, there is no camera on the device. Huawei wants to avoid any privacy dispute, completely removing the camera (and in Russia such a device would be completely forbidden). Given that people are quite friendly with voice assistants and talk "with the air", no one will suspect anything.

The glasses come in a leather case with a port.USB-C bottom. They are also equipped with wireless charging. Huawei hinted at the glasses at the P30 press conference in Paris, but until July 2019, hardly anyone can order or receive them.

In February 2018, Vaunt smart glasses introducedand Intel - and made a bet that they are almost no different from "ordinary" points. Only Intel glasses do not have a built-in camera and even a speaker or microphone (at least for now). This is a completely ordinary at first glance subject to which many people are accustomed to in their everyday life. The only difference from normal glasses is that Vaunt projects the screen image directly onto the retina.

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