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HP Envy x2 (2017) - First Review Hybrid Tablet with Qualcomm and Good Battery

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When the head of Qualcomm, proposedTo use Snapdragon processors for devices running Windows 10, I immediately remembered a budget Chromebook. The price of these inexpensive laptops could go down to $ 200 (12,000 p.), But to achieve this, you have to sacrifice a lot. I checked the HP Envy x2 2017, a laptop with a new processor.

Transformer HP Envy x2 2017 - First Look TehnObzor

One glance at the HP Envy x2 2017 is enough,to understand, we are talking about a completely new device. 12.3-inch (31.24 cm) tablet laptop transformer, inserted into the luxurious, leather case-keyboard, which provides protection and serves as a stand.

Even pulling the tablet out of the case, we see that itLooks like luxury equipment. Smooth, metallic edges surround a beautiful display of 1920 × 1200 pixels, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The case of an elegant device is chrome-covered, down to such fine details as hinges.

Unlike the Asus NovaGo, a similarQualcomm-enabled Tablet PC, HP Envy x2 can use LTE features and work offline for a long time. The tablet laptop weighs 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg), 0.3 inches thick (0.76 cm), it makes it look like an iPad and most Android tablets.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard case adds a few extra 1.1 lb (0.5 kg) grams. Together, the entire device weighs about 3 pounds (1.36 kg). This is slightly less than Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad Pro.

Surprisingly, the HP Envy x2 2017 keyboard is gooddesigned, despite its small weight. The type of its cover is not as perfect as the cover, but very close in quality, and better than that of Apple's smart keyboard. The key point here is the thickness - 1.3 mm, which corresponds to the thinnest ultrabooks and 2-in-1 transformers.

The touchpad Envy x2 is quite large, compared to the size of the tablet, it is very responsive.

Characteristics and accessories

Inside the HP Envy x2 is a Qualcomm processorSnapdragon 835, which replaces the previously used Intel Core chips, on similar gadgets. The choice of this mobile chipset means a loss of some performance, as shown by Qualcomm tests. However, at first glance, the Envy x2 does not feel like a slow gadget.

App loading seems to take a bitmore time, and the animation of Windows 10 does not look quite smooth. However, applications such as Edge, PowerPoint, OneNote, Calendar and Calculator work as confidently as on devices with an Intel Core processor.

It is known that Qualcomm hardware can support Windows 10 Home and Pro, but it is not known whether HP will integrate them into its other devices.

Battery and connect

Battery life and wireless connectivity, the main advantage of the Envy x2. On paper, the indicators look impressive, but how in practice remains to be tested.

HP states that when playing video in1080p, the battery will last for 20 hours and more than 700 hours (or 30 days) in standby mode. Microsoft’s Terry Myers confirmed these figures to his own statements during the Snapdragon Technology Summit, claiming that he used this transformer laptop all week without recharging.

Limited time did not allow us to checkthese stated figures. But I can safely say that the demos provided by HP were without chargers, and easily saved over 96 percent of their charge.

From the connectors for HP Envy x2 2017 there is only one universal port for charging and connecting to other devices such as USB-C. There is also a headphone jack.

On the tablet I was testing, the LTE connection for some reason did not work. But I don’t use it that way, for me it didn’t matter.

Compact HP Envy x2 2017

HP Envy x2, like Asus NovaGo or others recentlyannounced hybrid devices with Snapdragon processor support, can connect to any mobile data plan. This is especially important for Envy x2 2017, since its tablet part can be separated from the keyboard, and the gadget turns into an easy and mobile tablet.


In fact, the HP Envy x2 2017 is so compactwhat will become the "everyday portable equipment" to work for many users. Just like an iPad with LTE. So far, in this puzzle one part is missing - the price.

Envy x2 is known to go on sale in spring2018, but its price remains a mystery. Given its 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of SSD memory, I believe it will cost no less than $ 1000 US dollars.

This hybrid tablet lacks an Intel processor, so those who are used to such chips will have to take a good look before making an advance order.

Laptop transformer HP Envy x2 (2017) - Video Trailer