HP announces virtual helmet development in partnership with Valve and Microsoft

On the official website of HP appeareda marketing announcement in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the new HP VR headset that delivers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the previous generation. The developers announced the creation of a new standard in the virtual reality industry. A similar message containing a minimum of information appeared in the Steam store.

A brief and factual advertising statement is notcontains no technical or temporary data about the new device. Both resources claim the next generation of HP VR, which will lead to the emergence of new standards for virtual reality. The community suggests that the price of the new product will be less than the Valve Index device, selling for $ 999.

New HP VR model shown on teaser externallysimilar to HP Reverb on the Windows Mixed Reality platform, released in 2019 and sold for $ 600. The device has a display with a diagonal of 2.9 inches with a resolution of 4320x2160 pixels.

SteamVR platform is alreadysupports Windows Mixed Reality headsets, as well as other VR devices from Oculus and HTC. In the event that the new HP becomes the logical development of HP Reverb, the question arises about the contribution to the development of Microsoft and Valve. Nevertheless, this is only a teaser image and the external design of the device can be radically changed.

Windows Mixed Reality headset receivedeffective and comfortable tracking system, but the controllers in the device are quite weak. Meanwhile, the Valve Index tracking system needs to be improved, while the controllers are the best on the market, but are not compatible with third-party headsets.

Source: TheVerge