How would you sound on Mars

NASA has launched a service that allowshear how your voice would sound on Mars. Just go to the site, turn on the microphone and record a welcome message. After a few seconds, the system will process and produce a version of your voice with a "Martian effect".

NASA also explained that the Perseverance rover,which is now plowing the surface of the Red Planet, is equipped with two microphones, which allows scientists to directly record the sounds of Mars. Thanks to this, researchers were able to better study the properties of sound on the planet.

It is known that if you stood and spoke inMars, you would hear a quieter and more subdued version of your voice, and you would have to wait a little longer to hear it. The differences are due to the fact that Mars has a completely different atmosphere than Earth, with a different temperature, density and chemical composition.

You can do an experiment here