How will temperature + 48 ° C change cities on Earth?

Every year, summer on our planet sets newtemperature records. So, July 2019 was the hottest month in the history of observations. Moreover, over the past 100 years, temperature increases have been observed across the globe. In the future, climate change will inevitably lead to extreme consequences. Especially hot weather will affect cities. Indeed, in cities climatic difficulties are often observed.

How will cities change in 30 years?

Scientists predict that by 2050 the averagetemperatures in many cities around the world will rise to 48 degrees Celsius (up to 120 Fahrenheit). Obviously, the heat will adversely affect human health, as experts have mentioned more than once. But let's see how the cities and life in them change under the influence of unusually high temperatures.

If you do not change the composition of the mixtures, the asphalt willbake in the sun, as a result of which the streets, roads and sidewalks simply begin to melt. The resulting black, sticky asphalt puddles can cause cars to stall and pedestrians to get severe burns. The result of such a transformation of roads will be a temporary ban on any movement on the roads.

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Air around airports in many american andEuropean cities will lose their usual density due to the high temperature. Under these conditions, the aircraft will not be able to develop the high speed necessary for takeoff. Thus, all flights between these continents will be stopped.

The trouble will not pass by the railway tracks. Ground metal rails will begin to bend. Due to the bending and expansion of the tracks, all trains on the suburban rails of European countries will stop moving. And New Yorkers will even have to forget about the subway - the fact is that the subway of this metropolis generates heat all year round. Even today, on a hot day, it can be difficult to wait for the train. Needless to say, that at a temperature of +48 degrees Celsius there will be real heat.

If you thought that transport collapsemore than enough, we hasten to disappoint you. Massive power outages will become widespread. Record high consumption will lead to millions of people in dire straits without light. In addition, the number of deaths will inevitably increase, as the heat adversely affects the health of the elderly and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Disruptions and communication systems will not pass by. Even our news channel on Telegram will be unavailable.

Global warming results

As you can see, the temperature rises to 48Cwill turn ordinary urban life in megacities into a life that we saw only on television screens or on pages of fantastic works. In addition to the problems described above with electricity, transport and urban infrastructure, we are waiting for sea level rise, depletion of fresh water, drought and problems with the cultivation of many crops, such as corn, rice and wheat.

If world leaders do not heed the warnings of scientists and take steps to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, this is the future that awaits us all.

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